miniDSP kit 2x8

De high-end miniDSP die in elk opzicht de 2x4 overbiedt: groter, betere kwaliteit, meer kanalen.

Dit is wat miniDSP er zelf van zegt: miniDSP 2x8 kit is an enhanced and innovative platform from the miniDSP Team. Combining high quality audio algorithms, 24bit/96kHz digital audio, high specs ADC/DAC converters along with its flexible analog and digital sections, this platform follows the footsteps of our successful line of low cost audio processors. With balanced or un-balanced audio for both inputs & outputs, up to 8 channels of active processing can be configured as required thanks to the internal matrix mixer.

miniDSP 2x8 kit ranks high on versatility thanks to the unique product concept of audio plug-ins: `One platform for many applications`. From multi-way crossover to system equalization, tuning thanks to our live control from PC/Mac platform has never been so easy. At miniDSP, we aim high at following the needs of OEM, DIYers and audio fanatics by delivering low cost digital audio processing platform with no compromise on audio quality.

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