MiniDSP 10x10 HD

De kant en klare oplossing voor 8 kanaals DSP filteren, die toch flexibel is. Ideaal om een thuis bios helemaal perfect mee te maken. Analoge en digitale I/O; presets, ingangselectie, en volumeregeling, configureerbaar vanaf de PC. En dit alles in een mooie degelijke 19" kast. Compleet geleverd incl externe voeding en de plug-in software.

Technical Specifications
- 28/56bit DSP Engine
- 24 bit ADC/DAC IC with 114dB SNR
- 48/96kHz sampling rate depending on plug-in
- Digital (2 x IN, 2 x OUT over SPDIF/Toslink/AES-EBU) and Analog (8 x IN, 8xOUT balanced and unbalanced) connectivity
- Front panel rotary encoder and learning IR control
- Plug&Play USB driver and Software configurable for real time configuration by miniDSP plug-ins from Mac/Windows
- Device does not required to be connected to PC once configured

miniDSP 10x10 Hd is a versatile multi-channel Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for analog and digital audio sources. Combining high quality audio algorithms along with a flexible software configuration, this platform follows the footsteps of our successful line of processors. With its balanced & un-balanced analog & digital audio I/O, the platform easily fits in the audio chain of most systems. Engineered for durability, the platform is packaged in a sturdy powder coated steel enclosure. The removable rack ears and thick brushed aluminum front panel match the needs of consumer (Home AV) or commercial (ProAV) installs.

Finally, miniDSP 4x10 ranks high on versatility thanks to our unique product concept of audio plug-ins: a single hardware platform for many applications. From a multi-way speaker crossover unit to multi-channel 7.1 system equalizer, the unit is easily configured real time from the Mac/Windows control interface. Once the unit configured, no computer is required anymore and the control of presets, master volume and digital source selection is available from the front panel encoder or Infrared (I.R) receiver.

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