nanoDigi 2x8-K

Een compacte high-end DSP, met digitale in en uitgangen. Optimale kwaliteit, optimale flexibiliteit.

All Digital Processor for up to 2 x 8
Support up to 192kHz based on the plug-in used
28/56bit processor similar to the miniDSP 2x8 platforms
Digital input signal with Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter (ASRC)
Real time control over USB
IR learning feature
5-24VDC 2.1mm round barel
Low power, Small size (only 75x75mm)

Following the success of our analog DSP product line, the nanoDIGI 2x8-K is a palm size all digital processor. Featuring the well known flexibility of the miniDSP brand, the nanoDIGI makes affordable high end digital processing by using existing 3rd party high end DAC units. On the input side, either SPDIF or Toslink (Optical) input are available and selectable from the software or IR learning interface. The internal sample rate converter will take care of adapting your digital input signal to the core operating sample rate frequency (44.1kHz to 192kHz). Finally, the four transformer isolated SPIF outputs allows up to 8 processed audio channels to be sent to your own DAC or SPDIF powered amplifiers.

On the processing side, the nanoDIGI makes full use of its DSP to provide a wide range of processing blocks for most common applications. As per the miniDSP concept, its is the plug-in which defines the ability of the platform and therefore its sampling rate. From 96kHz to 192kHz configuration, the nanoDIGI is a unique affordable, flexible and palm size processor.

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