De I/O en bedienings uitbreiding voor de MiniDSP 2x8 of 8x8

The DIGI-FP is an SPDIF/Toslink/AES-EBU to I2S interface providing digital audio input & output connectivity for miniDSP 2x8/8x8 kits. Based on the awardwinning TI/Burr & Brown IC (SRC4382), the board is compatible with miniDSP 2x8/8x8 and miniSHARC platform. Source selection and correct sample rate are automatically configured from the miniDSP 2x8/8x8 platforms. A USB connector is provided for easy front panel configuration and connectivity to the main board. This USB connection is for control only (no audio streaming).

The VOL-FP is a control accessory for the miniDSP 2x8/8x8 and miniSHARC products. The preconfigured plgu&play board allows for master volume control, recall of the preset configuration and source selection on DIGI-FP via rotary encoder and IR receiver. The white color LEDs will provide indication of the active digital source and current selected preset. All IR control commands are available as per the miniDSP 2x8/8x8 user manuals. This panel is provided with a silver aluminum knob and link cables to the miniDSP platform. 2 x PCB M3 mounting post can be used for front panel mount.

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