Een ADSP21369 module met USB, SDcard, I2S digital in en out

Introducing the miniSHARC kit, a powerful DSP module designed to fit the needs of floating point audio processing for OEM applications and custom products. Powered by Analog Devices Sharc ADSP21369 processor, the miniSHARC will easily handles resource intensive filtering. From room correction to linear phase crossover filter, the miniSHARC palm size form factor is the perfect fit for to complete your product with a ready made module.

@ miniDSP, we believe in flexibility and open architecture. The concept of the miniSHARC kit is to provide an open platform where algorithm designers can easily load their custom IIR/FIR based filters on the DSP. Thanks to the onboard SD card, designers do not require a computer to configure the device nor to upgrade firmware. For real time configuration, the driverless USB connectivity allows control from both Windows and Mac environment.

Technical Specifications
- Analog Devices Sharc ADSP21369
- 32bit floating point
- On-board MCU for USB and SD card control
- I2S in/out control
- Compatible with DIGI-FP & VOL-FP accessories
- Plug&Play USB driver and Software configurable via Mac/Win plug-in.
- 5V DC PSU included

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User Manual
Plug-in datasheet

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